Understanding the Inspiring Person

This week we continue with the second component of the Wow Factor: Competence, being good at what we do.

We are in the middle of our study on understanding human behavior and personalities, a competency that will benefit everyone looking to deliver the Wow Factor. We are using the DISC model as a simple and effective method of learning. You’ll want to read this post for a short introduction to DISC if you haven’t already.

Last week we looked a little closer at the D, or Dominant personality.

This week we’re taking a closer look at the I, or Inspiring personality style. Looking at the graphs below, the type is found in the upper-right quadrant based on their answers to our two questions–they are outgoing and people-oriented.

Common traits of a I-type

The I-type personality makes up 25%-30% of the population. They are inspiring, impulsive and impressive. They are the life of any party and want to have fun!

The I-type is charming and energetic. The I-type is very animated and will use grand gestures and speak rapid-fire in loud tones, even more than the D-type.

They are spontaneous and excited. They are most at home in social settings–the bigger the crowd the better they like it. The I-type likes to be the center of attention

The I-types are quick to share their feelings–and their opinions. They also love to tell stories, which are often embellished and exaggerated.

If you are not a I-type

If your primary personality type is any of the other three types, here are some helpful things to keep in mind when dealing with someone who is a I-type:

  • give recognition to their value whenever possible
  • name-dropping is effective
  • increase your enthusiasm to communicate effectively
  • let them talk

If you are a I-type

If your primary personality type is I, here are some helpful things to keep in mind when dealing with people who are not:

  • slow down a little (use less aggressive body language, softer tones & slower speech.)
  • choose some friends who will hold you accountable
  • optimism without objectivity hampers your ability to achieve those big dreams
  • learn to manage your time
  • give others a chance to talk, work on listening more

This post is just skimming the surface of this personality type and the practical takeaways of understanding the I-type whether it is yourself, your spouse, a boss, coworkers, friends or clients.

I teach full-day Wow Factor workshops for organizations from coast-to-coast where we dive into this content much more thoroughly. If you would like to find out how I can come alongside your team and help them understand each other and communicate on a higher level, please reach out to me, either at alan@alanbracken.com or call me directly at 423-863-6257.

You can also click the discovery report link in the sidebar to the right to get your own DISC discovery report. Understanding yourself better than ever before is a great place to start developing your competence in the critical subject of understanding human behavior!

Next week we will learn more about the S:Steady personality type!

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