Increase Employee Engagement by Improving Communication.

Most Construction Companies Struggle to Keep Employees Engaged. I Speak on Communication Strategies Proven to Increase Employee Buy-In & Profits.


Keynote Speaker & Author of The Wow Factor

Engaged Teams Result From Intentional Leaders

It is no secret that engaged teams are happier, more productive, and more profitable. However, Alan understands how hard it is to build successful teams. He faced this challenge again and again during his twenty years of award-winning success in the construction industry. This has equipped him to guide other leaders through the difficult process of building productive, profitable teams.

Alan’s authentic, informative and funny keynotes leave leaders inspired and equipped to generate real traction on the road to extraordinary success


“You can only teach what you know. And what Alan teaches you, it’s not theory. It’s not what somebody else told him. It’s what he has lived. If you want to be successful, if you want to learn from someone who’s had the experience, who has been there and done it well, there isn’t anybody that I can highly recommend more than my friend Alan Bracken.”

John C. Maxwell
World's #1 Leadership Expert
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“I can sum up what Alan Bracken has done for my team in one word:transformation“!

Phil Trigg
Owner of seven Bojangles franchises

“Alan Bracken is an extraordinary leader and facilitator. I recently attended his event and was blown away. Alan developed and delivered a program that rocked me out of my comfort zone and helped me think more clearly than I had in recent memory. His energy is surpassed only by his integrity and commitment to deliver excellence to his clients. If you have the opportunity to work with Alan, Jump! You—and your business—will be glad that you did.”

Ed DeCosta
Leading Executive Coach, Catalyst Associates

“I know, I know, another motivational speaker. After thirty-plus years in business I thought I had heard it all. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Alan Bracken was simply outstanding. A couple of hours felt like fifteen minutes. Alan doesn’t just fly in for a day and leave having entertained you. He lays out a system where you work daily, weekly, and monthly, to improve your performance and your life.”

Mark A. Roth
Vice President SiMT (Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing & Technology)

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