Deliver The Wow Factor. Every Time.


A: The Wow Factor Is A Memorable Experience That Leaves Others Talking About Us In an Extremely Positive Way

We all know the Wow Factor when we experience it. And yet, creating it for our employees and clients is extremely difficult. Communication breakdowns are the most common barrier to delivering a consistent ‘Wow’. These breakdowns result in low morale and lost profits.
But, what if that changed?
The Wow Factor workshop is designed to do just that!


The Wow Factor Workshop Helps You...

Increase Results

Have More Fun

Experience More Peace & Harmony

Deliver More Value

Interactive. Engaging. Powerful.

The Wow Factor is an interactive workshop where your team will not only learn through teaching, but will also be immersed in group exercises, assessments and encouraged to ask questions. Laughter and animated engagement is the norm in this fun and highly valuable team training!

In addition to hands-on guidance and Q&A with Alan, you will receive an audio training course and workbook. These materials expand on the content covered in the workshop and serve as an invaluable application aid.


“Incredibly beneficial staff-day being coached up by the engaging Alan Bracken. Pastors, I highly recommend that you bring him in. He will help you!”

Jeff Cranston
LCC Lead Pastor

“I have one word for the work that Alan Bracken has done with my staff: transformation.”

Phil Trigg
Owner–7 Bojangles franchises

"I know this for a fact–Alan will serve you well. You'll be very glad you partnered with him... I totally, 100% endorse Alan Bracken.

John C. Maxwell
World's #1 Leadership Expert

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