The WOW Factor Training

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The WOW Factor, Learning the Language of Others

A six week study on human behavior.

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I have met many people that desire to deliver The WOW Factor. The trouble is that few know how to bring an experience that connects with everyone.  Many of us know our own personality types.  Maybe you can recognize the personality types of others.  My question to you: Have you learned the language that will fuel others to success?

Join us as we discover the best way to communicate effectively with everyone we meet by using simple, tried and true methods of communication. Let me help you WOW those around you… EVERY TIME!

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May 2

What to expect:

  • A 6-week series, beginning on Saturday, May 2, 2015

  • Your own personality discovery report

  • Weekly live calls with Alan, every Saturday morning from 8am – 9am EST

  • Steps to connect with all types of human communication

  • Live calls will be recorded for easy access to download

  • Opportunity on each call to discuss assignments and ask questions

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6 Week Human Communication Course


Sign up today and expand your influence with The WOW Factor.

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