Purpose pt. 3

Today we continue looking at the four questions designed to help you uncover your unique purpose. To review, the four questions were:

  1. What would happen if you did not exist?
  2. What are you passionate about?
  3. What are your skills/talents?
  4. What makes you feel noble?


In this post, we’ll explore the third question…

What are your skills/talents?

What are your talents?
What do you do well?
What are you good at–or great at?

Our skills and abilities give us the credibility to fulfill our purpose and achieve extraordinary success. Your skills should align with your unique purpose and core values. Do yours?

If someone asked you to name two or three things that you’re great at, could you tell them? Too often the answer is no. It’s not a question that we are likely to encounter and most people haven’t really thought much about it. But you do have things that you’re great at.

If you have trouble identifying your skills, it is often very helpful to ask other people what you are good at. Ask people from different areas of your life; at home, at work, social circles, etc. Honest, specific answers work best. Consider this when you are choosing who to ask. Your mom may say you’re good at everything. Your ex-spouse may claim you are good for nothing. Neither response is very helpful!

As you start compiling your list of greatest skills and looking at them in the light of your unique purpose, you may see that you need to further develop some skills or even acquire new ones that will further enable you to live out your purpose within the framework of your core values. That’s ok. It’s a normal part of learning and growing.

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It’s good to remember the Tenacity part of this series on Purpose. To develop your core values and your unique purpose requires a tenacious commitment to growth and learning. This may–and probably will–include learning new skills and/or refining one that is lagging behind. This is true regardless of your age. There are countless stories of people who started late and achieved big things and so can you.



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