Have You Created Core Values for Your Family?

How clear are your personal core values?

If you have followed me for any length of time then you have heard me talk about developing your core values. The business world is buzzing about this topic, but still most haven’t clarified their purpose. Think about it, do you know your company core values? Most people say no. However, some of the most successful companies have a clear mission. They make decisions based out of their defined core valuesZappos is a perfect example of a company living our their core values.

Zappos Core Values

Family at Zappos

This past year my family and I had the privilege to tour the corporate headquarters of Zappos out in Las Vegas, Nevada. I heard rumors of this company having 1500 happy employees.  I have to say I was a bit skeptical.  Fifteen hundred happy people seems a bit far fetched. As I walked through their tour I was amazed. These people were happy. They were happy because they had a mission fueled by core values that they believed in whole-heartedly.

I say all this to ask, if a defined mission statement helps a business succeed than why don’t we as individuals do the same thing?  What is your mission?  What are your core values? I recently sat down with my family and developed a family mission statement. We also decided on core values that support our mission. Every family member (over the age of 2) knows our core values.  We evaluate the actions and decisions we make in life to make sure that they match up with our core values.  Are we perfect? NO WAY! What we are is striving to be better every day. We all know our mission.  We are all on board with our mission. It provides vision. It provides purpose and accountability.

During this time of year give a gift to your family. Give the gift of purpose. Develop core values for you and your family. If you have kids, then let them weigh in on core values that are important to them. When your personal life has purpose, your professional life will follow.

How do I develop my own core values?

Now look, if you have no idea where to begin, let me help.  On January 21, 2015 I am launching a 12 week program on Extraordinary Success.  Through these 12 weeks I will be helping you and others develop your own personal mission statement and core values.  Let me be clear.  This is YOUR mission statement and YOUR core values.  I can help you become clear, but you have to live out your purpose.  If you want to be successful not only in your professional life, but also your personal life, than click this link to learn a little more about living your life with purpose.

Take two minutes to watch this video. You will learn a little more about my family core values as well as hear my challenge to you. Merry Christmas.  I look forward to talking to you in January.

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