This post is part of our series on Extraordinary Success and is the fourth and final installment for Intentionality. 

In Intentionality pt 1, we introduced the four-step process for intentionally setting and living out your core values and discussed defining your preferred future.

In Intentionality pt 2, we learned the importance of assessing our current reality in order to establish a route to our preferred future.

In Intentionality pt 3, we discovered taking real action is the only way to reach our preferred future and also the best way to refine our core values.

Now, we will move to the fourth and final piece on Intentionality, being accountable.

Step 1.
Define your preferred future

Step 2.
Assess Reality

Step 3.
Take Action

Step 4.
Be Accountable


What does it mean to be accountable and why is it important?

We could do each of the first three steps and yet not have our carefully crafted core values have a real impact on our lives. We can clearly define our preferred future, accurately assess our current reality, plan a clear path to our preferred future, and even take action on that plan without actually achieving long-term success. How is that possible?

It’s possible because there will be challenges. There will be obstacles. And if you are the only one who knows about your commitment to your core values, it will be far too easy to quit. That’s where accountability comes in.

Accountability can take many forms. Writing your values down, posting them, and telling other people about them are all forms of accountability. But the best way to be accountable is to ask someone to keep you accountable–and not just any someone. Ask someone who will a) be honest with you and actually hold you accountable, and b) is positive and encouraging regarding your quest to be the best version of yourself.

This is good advice whether the goal is fitness, nutrition, core values or any other endeavor that requires change and commitment. A personal trainer can certainly help us refine our workout routine or show us a new exercise occasionally, but often their primary role is as an accountability partner. Why do we pay someone to keep us accountable when we could simply ask someone else to? Because that’s easier said than done. Most people struggle with the same challenges that we do and feel bad about holding us accountable. A personal trainer gets paid to hold you accountable and will take that job very seriously (if they don’t, you should fire them and get one who will!).

Similarly, I recommend that you get a coach for your self-improvement journey. Having a guide who can come alongside you, encourage you, challenge you and be the ultimate accountability partner is a priceless asset, one that I’ve benefited from throughout my own journey.

I would be happy to be that guide for you, but no matter who you choose to come alongside, you certainly should have someone in your corner that is as serious as you are about your improvement and their role in it. Your journey to Extraordinary Success is worth the commitment.

If you’d like to find out how I can assist you on your journey, please reach out to me.


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