There is nothing quite as exciting as the moment we hear one of our customers say “WOW!”  

Our goal, as a team, is to provide you with a memorable experience that leaves you talking about Inside Track WOW in an extremely positive way.


Alan Bracken

I inspire greatness in people. When you spend time with me you will be empowered, challenged and inspired to be the best version of yourself. The most significant goal in my life is to model generosity and inspire character growth in myself and others. I like to get results, preferable while going fast and having fun... especially if I'm flying helicopters or riding four-wheelers. "We've gotta go!"

Amanda Bracken

I maximize experiences and reveal significance. In other words, while you're with me you're going to discover how amazing you are, love life and have fun doing it! A passionate maker of memories, capturer of moments, wiper of tears, kisser of cheeks and cheerleader of successes… all for those that call me wife, mom and friend. I am fan of special forces, the ocean, high EQs and sweating. Curiously, I'm an introvert that needs all things real and all things deep.
"We do hard things."

J.D. Kyle

I'm J.D. and it is my honor and privilege to be part of a team that works with top-shelf leaders like you! I am energized by the opportunity to astound you with amazing, blood-pumping experiences as well as profound insights. I firmly believe the journey of growth toward excellence is worth every sacrifice. As an expert 'first-impressionist', getting to know more about you is what inspires me to be my best. I'm here to make sure that we give you everything you need as you navigate your best days ever!
"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

Fred Pinney

Throughout my life I have had a passion for connecting people together, especially on exciting adventures. Another desire I have is to live a life of significance. Being part of Inside Track has helped me pull these two goals together. The Inside Track team is a dedicated, professional team committed to providing first class adventurous experiences and guidance. We connect people with a team approach to push them to grow and do things they may not normally do, resulting in lasting positive memories.

Leah Winegar

Life would be dull without blue skies, music, world cultures, dancing, different perspectives, fresh air, family and most of all–having fun! My goal is to see you go after your dreams, face your fears and live the life you once imagined.
"If you can think it, you can live it!"

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