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From ordinary to extraordinary…intentionally

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Our programs consist of leaders that are passionately committed to living their best lives. It’s a group of people that understand the importance of intentional personal development combined with working together on their journey to success and significance. If you would like to propel your leadership further, faster, then this journey is for you. 

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John C. Maxwell has been named the #1 Leadership guru in the world for the past 5 years and has written 73 books and sold over 21 million copies. He has written more content on leadership, teamwork & personal growth than any other author in the world. I have personally been mentored by John since 2002. I have had the privilege of traveling extensively through South America and Europe with him, and am currently participating in an intense, one-on-one mentorship program with him. John’s impact on my life over the past 11 years has been transformational. I have seen firsthand the value of personal growth and leadership development. My passion is to be able to pass it on to you. Our strategy consists of teaching, mentoring and coaching. These programs are designed for you to have gained a plan with tangible steps you can begin implement immediately into your daily life.

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Mastermind Leadership Training Course

  • 7 Weekly Meetings
  • Two tickets (four for couples) to the April 3rd Quarterly Event, The WOW Factor.
  • Facilitated discussion through John C Maxwell’s 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
  • Each group limited to 12 individuals looking to grow as a leader.

The WOW Factor & Human Behavior

  • 6 Weekly videos with action steps
  • Downloadable PDF’s
  • Weekly live calls with Alan, every Saturday from 8am to 9am EST
  • Two tickets (four for couples) to the April 3rd Quarterly Event, The WOW Factor
  • Steps to learn how to understand and connect with different behavioral styles
  • Live calls will be recorded for easy access to download
  • Opportunity on each call to discuss assignments and ask questions
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Alan’s Closing Comments

My personal goal is to inspire the greatness that is inside each of you. I believe personal development is a key component in reaching our individual potential. I have seen the immense value that is in a group of committed leaders that encourage, challenge and inspire one another towards success and significance.  Let’s continue your journey towards individual greatness together. Contact me for further information on coaching.

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Stretch to your potential…contact Alan at for more information.


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