Surrender Being Right

I never liked the word surrender. It sounded weak. As a leader, I never thought that surrender would be a word I would use to describe my self. You see, I am always wanting to be right.  It may be that I’m a guy.  It may be that I have a type “A” personality.  Who knows the reason why? My point is that surrender always gave me the idea quitting. Quitting makes me sick to my stomach.

What I have been learning a lot lately is the value of the word surrender. In his new book “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions“, John C. Maxwell says, “The of surrender of being right is the prerequisite for finding right.” WOW! The more I began drilling into the meaning of this statement the more I realize it’s truth.

I feel like most people don’t feel comfortable in the area of surrender.  I’m certain I’m not alone.  What John C. Maxwell said though, shook the foundation of my leadership.  It should shake yours.  Too many times we stay driven towards the goal of being right.  When we are right we feel like we are the brightest.  We feel like we have won some sort of victory against everyone in our organization and our lives.  However, if we surrender that need and humble ourselves towards the purpose of getting better to help others we began living with a purpose that has a foundation that will stand strong.  We will began finding right and not even care.  We won’t care because our purpose has changed.  If we choose to surrender focusing to our own selfishness and replace it with generosity, everyone wins.

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