What question is your perfect opportunity hiding behind?

I have a question. What perfect opportunity is surrounding you on a daily basis? Our answer is usually, “I don’t know.”  We miss out on opportunity because we don’t know it can be found. We can spend our lives in a state of disappointment waiting for opportunity to seek us out instead of asking where it might be.

I wanted to write this blog today as a follow up from the L2:Learn Lead simulcast. We heard great content from some amazing speakers. John C Maxwell spoke on the topic of asking great questions. If you were able to attend the simulcast, you may remember that John said, “A great question can open a door that otherwise would remain closed.”

Do you hear it? The entire time you and I have been waiting for opportunity to seek us out, it has been waiting on us to seek it out. I have heard it said that wisdom not only knows when to remain silent, it also knows when to speak. We have to train ourselves to begin opening our mouths and start asking great questions. Asking great questions is all you may need to find the perfect opportunity you have always wanted.

My purpose is to inspire the unique greatness that is in each person.  I had no idea that where I am today started with the asking of a great question. Watch this video to find out the question, then take my challenges. I would love to hear how you have been impacted by the great questions in your life. Comment here or via social media using the hashtag #mygreatquestion . Remember, receiving great content will only work if we begin to act on what we have learned.  This is an easy and great opportunity for you to put what you have learned into practice.

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  1. Cheryl Bailey

    You say to watch a video but then it says the video is unavailable. What is the deal? How do I get to watch the video?

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