How to Prepare for a Winter Storm

Prepare yourself for a winter storm.

Do you know what it takes to prepare for a winter storm? We have heard that it is coming.  Some of us are excited.  Kids are typically chomping at the bit.  It’s a snow day. I have four kids. I am no stranger to the excitement that comes with today.  There is nothing quite like watching a child live it up in the snow.  That said, we all know that there can be some dangers with snow.

snowstorm-2My weather app has given me a warning.  It says 4-9 inches of snow mixed with freezing rain.  If you are anything like me than there was an alert that went off in your head.  My thought goes to blankets, water, and length of power.

The purpose of this blog is always to provide great tips and tools to leaders.  Today I will not be talking about the best leadership business practices. However, I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to share with you leaders the best way to prepare for a winter storm.

Start with the basics

The “basics” are typically items or steps that you already have at your home.  Simply gathering them together is a great way to prepare for the upcoming freeze.  I have listed a few necessary items below.

  • Blankets
  • Bottled water
  • Flashlight
  • Matches
  • Batteries
  • Non-perishable food
  • Full tank of gas
  • Charged cell phones (portable chargers are great in emergencies)

Some other items you may want to remember (depending on your situation): diapers, formula and pet food.

Warm yourself

I may be stating the obvious. When cold weather blows in, stay warm. You need to be as closed off to the elements as possible. This means proper clothing and taking care of your home.  If the temperature is below freezing then go around to the sinks of the house and turn on your faucet so that it slowly drips water.  This is especially important for faucets that are attached to outside walls.  Also, if you have drafty rooms or windows try to block those drafts with extra blankets or clothing.  If you have a working fireplace then get some wood. It sounds simple, but so many times wood is nowhere to be found because you never prepared.

As far as clothing goes, I always keep winter coats together in the house. Other things you need to have together:

  • Hats
  • Hooded sweatshirts
  • Gloves
  • Socks (preferably wool)

Be sure to cover your head.  So much of your body heat escapes through the top of your head.  If you have kids, then make sure you have all these items for them as well. Remember to dress in layers.  If you have long underwear, then pull those old school magic warmers out.

Family of Feet warming at a fireplaceFind a place to cuddle up.  This means that get your bed ready.  It’s amazing how much body heat you produce.  Tuck in the blankets and get a in that bed.  If the power goes out it can get pretty cold pretty quickly. The more tightly the covers, the more your body heat will help keep you warm.  I know someone that used his high end sleeping bag.  Some of those bags are made to keep you warm in sub zero temperature.  (Note: if you use a sleeping bag, then dressing in layers does not help.  Strip down in the sleeping bag.  You will be much warmer)

Stay Informed

Make sure to keep informed about the upcoming apocalypse. Download appropriate apps for your phone or tablet. Keep watching the news and listening to the radio. Knowledge is power.  When extreme circumstances arise, there are plenty of places you and your family can go to stay warm. Communities come together in crisis.  The best way others can inform you of help is through the news.  (hence keeping your phone charged)

Don’t Get Bored

Prepare yourself for the long haul.  If your power goes out, your items that consume electricity are either not working or for emergency use only.  Don’t use your tablet for angry birds and don’t use your phone for selfies.  Get some board games together and have a family fun time. Also, a few decks of cards can provide hours of entertainment without playing the same game twice. Finally, find a few books that you have been meaning to read.  This is a perfect opportunity to work on your own personal growth.

A couple of great books are:


Relationships Will Keep You Safe

The final thing I want to encourage you to do is build a community of friends.  Life is better with relationships.  Have a group of people that you will keep in contact with during the storm.  Many times you know people that have power even if you do not.  You can bring your supplies to that person’s house and stay warm.  Think about it this way. What would happen if your friend with a newborn’s power goes out and yours is warm.  If you are keeping in contact with these people then you may be able to keep a family safe and warm.  It works both ways. Have more than one person.  Make sure that you have a group of people in case multiple people lose power.


I wish everyone luck during this snow storm.  Please prepare yourself for a winter storm by staying warm, keeping informed, have fun, and build a community.


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