One Thing You Owe Yourself


A few weeks ago, Amanda and I flew half way around the world to mark a huge milestone.

It wasn’t our anniversary.

It wasn’t a birthday.

It was something much different.

The event we were celebrating was the fulfillment of my mentor John Maxwell’s grand vision to train leaders in every single nation in the world.

John wrote a post about the historic significance of completing the final leadership training in Fiji.

One thing I love about John Maxwell is that he’s a man who is building a legacy.

When he publishes a book, he’s adding to his legacy.

When he trains leaders in places like Kiribati, Colombia or India, he’s adding to his legacy.

When he delivers messages for events like Live 2 Lead Tri-Cities, he’s adding to his legacy.

And what’s that legacy?

Building up leaders to influence others, serve others, and help others grow.

It’s remarkable.

John started on his plan to offer training sessions in Biblical principles of leadership in 1997.

Since then, more than six million people have been trained.

And just imagine all the people those six million people are now influencing!

John Maxwell’s legacy is inspiring to me…and I hope it’s inspiring to you, too.

I believe every single one of us has the ability to have an impact and to create a legacy.

So today I want you to think about this…

What is your legacy?

What mark do you want to make in this world?

What positive gift do you want to give that will live on after you’re gone?

Your legacy doesn’t have to be the size of the globe, but…

You owe it to yourself and the people around you to make your legacy great.

I’d love to walk you through how to identify what your unique legacy might be.

Send me a message HERE and let’s start the conversation!

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  1. Carolyn

    I’m going to be sixty five this year and I feel I’ve not done enough. I’ve had years of on and years of off and right now I feel off. Love the lord and know he loves me. Is my purpose to influence my grand children or is that just part of it.?

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