How To Lead Highly Driven People

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Do you work with highly driven people?

Are they focused on meeting the goals of your team?

Are they relentless in their effort to hit the numbers, get the work done, or make sure the customers are happy?

Are you around those people?

If you work with highly driven people, I want to speak directly to you.

As I teach in my Learning the Language of Others course, highly driven people are a special breed.

In the course, I show participants how everyone’s personality is spread across four styles:

  • Dominant
  • Influential
  • Steady
  • Conscientious

All of us have at least a little of every style, but only one style is our main style.

Today I want to talk about the Dominant, or what I call the “D” style. They’re those highly driven people in your life.

Perhaps you’re a highly driven person and this will be helpful to you.

If you’re around highly driven people, you know they’re a little different.

They don’t like to waste time. They can seem insensitive. They want things their way.

Highly driven people might rub you the wrong way.

Forgive them. That’s not their intent.

You see, all they care about is getting results.

But let’s say you work closely with a highly driven person.

Maybe you have a few on your team.

How do you lead this person and get the best results?

Here are a few things to do:

Provide answers. To get results, this person will need to use you – their leader – for information and answers. Be ready to deliver what they need in a direct and honest way to get the job done.

Stick to business. The highly driven person doesn’t really like a lot of small talk. Their main interest is the progress being made toward the goal.

Emphasize goals. Goals and objectives are the language of the highly driven person, so motivate them by rewarding their progress against their goals.

Provide pressure. The highly driven person can take a little heat.

Allow freedom for personal accomplishments. Since highly driven people are very goal-oriented, it’s not bad to shine a spotlight on them when they accomplish their goals.

Now that I’ve shared a few of the ways to lead a highly driven person, think about the people around you.

Who are the people in your organization who only care about results?

Who are the people who are extremely goal-oriented?

Are YOU this type of person?

If so, now you have a set of tools you can use to help understand those people…and in turn lead those people to deliver exceptional performance.


I just wrapped up the six-week The WOW Factor: Learning the Language of Others course.

We’re putting together our next group right now.

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