Excellence and the WOW Factor

excellenceI get extremely excited about the topic of The WOW Factor.  I like to see it, hear about it, and provide it.  There is nothing quite as exciting as a moment that makes you say “WOW!”  Let me be clear. I am talking about the good kind of wow. The way I define The WOW Factor is, a memorable experience that leaves people talking about you in an extremely positive way.  Everyone has at one time or another been Wow’d.  What I want to do is inspire everyone I can to become people that deliver that WOW to others.

In order to deliver a continued wow experience, we must practice excellence.  Let me clarify what I mean by that.  I mean that we must be above average.  Average is not all that exciting. No one talks about average in an extremely positive way.   Below is a video of a recent talk I gave in Johnson City, TN.  I talk about the topic of the WOW factor and how providing excellence is an essential part of providing a WOW. I hope you gain some encouragement and inspiration from this video.


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