Equipping pt. 3

Over the past 10 weeks we have been talking about Extreme Leadership, which we’ve defined as: selfless, courageous influence that inspires lasting greatness in others. We have looked in depth at the elements that make up Extreme Leadership, including Self-Leadership, Influence, and now, Equipping. Last week we looked at Equipping through story. This week I want to talk about equipping through questions.

Questions? Yes. John C. Maxwell wrote an entire book called Good Leaders ask Great Questions. Asking great questions is a rare and valuable skill. I wish I’d had someone to help me understand this much earlier in my journey! I stunted my growth as a leader because I was too quick to give an answer instead of asking questions.

Perhaps you can relate. Leaders are usually in a hurry. It seems more efficient to tell people what they need to know or do it ourselves. But doing this shortcuts the thinking process for our people and is the main problem with not using questions to equip.

Leadership is teaching others how to do the job instead of doing their job for them. Click To Tweet

Remember our definition of Extreme Leadership. We want to inspire lasting change. Lasting change requires accepting the long and arduous process of real thinking. While this often isn’t fast or convenient, it is the recipe for equipping lasting change through great questions.

When we ask the right questions at the right time, we equip others to get the answers they need for themselves. If we give the answer to them instead, they will have the same information but it doesn’t have the same impact.

Leadership is teaching others how to do the job instead of doing their job for them.

How are you doing with asking questions? Do you take the time to ask questions–for the purpose of equipping and informing yourself, and for equipping others?

I challenge you to implement questions as an integral part of your leadership strategy. I have witnessed first-hand the power of questions over the past several years and I know that you will too if you take the time and are intentional about becoming a selfless, courageous influencer.


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