Can Creativity and Productivity Coexist?

In my world there seems to be a tension between productivity and creativity. We have the artists versus the analytical. The reality is that with a business you must create both. Not only do you need both, but you need both to play together nicely. A creative person that can produce is an incredible asset to have for innovation. A productive person that is creative is an employee every company hopes to find. Usually we separate these two personalities. We recognize the need for each person, but are fearful that there may be some massive war if ever the two were to meet.

Some people may ask what benefits are there in blending creativity and productivity? I have found that exercising my critical thinking skills has given me more opportunity to find creative solutions. It has also given me the opportunity to apply the creative solutions into productive steps that move the business forward.

I want to encourage you to cultivate an environment that allows each persons strengths to directly complement another person’s (different) strength. This will help you build a strong team. It will help you build a unique brand. It will help you grow your business.

I want to give you a question that I want you to answer for yourself. This is the first step in becoming a better critical thinking leader. What questions are you asking to help build a better idea?

If you don’t have an answer to this question than I suggest this article that helps you set aside time and come up with some questions. If you have a great answer for this question than I want to encourage you to come up with more answers. Don’t stop at one great idea. Become creative by asking yourself more creative questions that can be put into practice.

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