3 Questions That Help You Connect

“How in the world do I connect with this person?” This is a common question when trying to relate to your clients or potential clients. Finding creative ways to engage in conversations and connect can become bit difficult. It does not take long to recognize that you can’t connect with everyone. Also, what works for one may not work for others. So where does that leave you? Your job still needs to get done.

I have long been a proponent of leaving everyone with a sense of WOW. I still stand by that. That is why I created the WOW experience. The trouble with leaving a person with a WOW is it becomes difficult to do over and over again.

After hosting L2 Learn Lead, I was able to take away great points. Asking questions stuck out above and beyond anything else. That is what I want to recommend to you today as a good way to connect. It isn’t rocket science. All I am asking is that you do something you have done ever since you were able to speak. Ask questions.

Take the time to watch this short video on 3 questions that can help spur you on to asking great questions that help you connect with the people around you. The more you connect the more influence you gain.

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  1. Jason Pierce

    Hi Alan, I tried to watch your video on 3 Questions, but YouTube says “This video is private”. Just wanted to let you know… cheers

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