Are you interested in something unique; something that could set you apart in the crowded coaching space?

For many years I’ve been passionate about providing adrenaline-fueled adventure coupled with tangible life lessons. I’ve had many exciting opportunities to do that. But I wanted to make a bigger impact with more people in a positive way. That’s why Inside Track was created.

Our objective at Inside Track is to collaborate with coaches like you to take your clients further, faster through experiential learning.

Studies have shown that experiential learning is superior to passive methods like lectures, reading, etc. By engaging the senses and the emotions of the participants the human brain is primed to implement the sort of change that makes a real lasting difference.

"Far exceeded my expectations. Simply Phenomenal!"

"The single best leadership experience I've ever had–bar none."

"Worth every single resource I gave up to get here!"

"I'm a sucker for details... and Inside Track's attention to detail was really special."

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